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We, Economy Travel are experts in our field and have been assisting humanitarian travelers with their airfare requests for many decades. We offer the best airfare deals thanks to the contracts we have in place with the world’s top airlines. If you plan to work abroad in a humanitarian role, you really should be talking to us.

No stranger to the travel industry, Economy Travel proudly boasts a record of accomplishment dating back to 1988. We can honestly say that we know everything about our niche travel sector, and arranging competitive humanitarian airfares. We are passionate about our business, and want to share our experience with you. We see it as putting something back as we help those that help others. These travel groups love doing business with us.

We currently have consolidator contracts (wholesale rates) with 24 of the world’s leading airlines and have full access to the product range of all international and domestic carriers. We use a sophisticated database search engine that allows us to provide the lowest airfares regardless whether it is a published fare (airline fare sale) or wholesale fare (consolidator fare). This ensures that we provide our clients with the best possible fare regardless of the season or situation. In addition to airfares, Economy Travel offers Travel Insurance.

Humanitarian Airfare

Our pricings for both groups and individuals are really good, so if you are traveling on behalf of a non-profit, church, or school, we can help you save money. Moreover, several of our special contract fares allow 2-3 bags free. That is not all; extended ticketing dates leave you more time to raise your ticket money. Liberal rules for changing and/or canceling the ticket should your plans change. Find out why our airfares are a great deal!

Group Airfare

Your search stops here if you are in the market searching for tickets for 10 or more passengers traveling to Africa, Asia, Europe or Latin America. Leave us to shop around for you because booking a group is different from buying a single airline ticket. Economy Travel have access to many different types of fares. Click here to find out how to book tickets at the best possible rates.

Church Airfare

We have specialized in international church flights since 1998 – this comprises around 90% of our business. We can help you arrange your flights to destinations around the world, offering special rates only available to those traveling for religious and humanitarian reasons. Please note – we must find out what church or non-profit organization you are traveling on behalf of, before quoting any fares.

Adoption Airfare

Are you looking for the lowest adoption airfare? Do you need the flexibility of being able to make changes on outbound and return flights? If so, please call if you are in the U. S. Kindly note we may not sell adoption airfares via our live booking engine.

School Airfare

Are you planning to travel with or on behalf of your school, and are searching for the lowest airfare? Economy Travel are at your service and ready to help find the lowest airfares for your school group. Please call to find out more. Details

Why people use us
Why people
use us!

We put our expertise to good use by helping you find the best ticket prices available when you meet the travel criteria applying to the groups described on this page. For your protection and peace of mind, we are accredited and registered with IATA-International Air Transport Association (maximum $70,000 bond). These licenses come with financial failure protection so your travel arrangements are fully covered. Service excellence from Economy Travel for your leisure, business, or group travel arrangements. Call now to find out more.