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If you are planning to visit Malawi and need to stick to a budget, then start your search for Lilongwe cheap flights at We are a specialist humanitarian travel service offering online assistance with discount tickets to Lilongwe International Airport (LLW). This facility serves as land-locked Malawi’s main gateway near the capital.

Getting to Malawi on Lilongwe Cheap Flights
Travel to any African country/city is not cheap. Connecting flights, long haul routes and high operating costs all add to ticket pricing. This leaves airlines with two options – cut the flight schedules or increase ticket pricing. Owning the contracts, as Economy Travel does certainly helps the traveler, thanks to the bargain seat pricings applying to the humanitarian travel program.

Call Us and Find Out More
The average experience level of our dedicated agents is 13 years’ of travel knowhow. They are expert at navigating their way around complicated airline fare structures, in order to secure the best available pricing for you. To get started, call Economy Travel. Tickets for your Lilongwe cheap flights are on the way:

  • Callers in the US: 888-222-2110
  • Callers from abroad: 770-290-7730

Complete the City Request Form
Contractual conditions stipulated by the airlines we deal with prevent us from publishing live airfares on our website. No big issue, simply complete and submit the Lilongwe Request Form on the right. An agent will soon contact you.

The Benefits of Economy Travel Tickets

  1. Use the amazing agents at Economy Travel to get your Lilongwe cheap flights fast. Here are a few of the benefits you get booking through us:
  2. Low Cancellation penalty: From $50.00 to $250.00 depending on the airline
  3. Baggage: Two to three bags free depending on the airline and destination
  4. Special child discounts: For accompanying children in your group
  5. Don’t forget to ask about our comprehensive travel coverage

Deciphering Ticketing Issues
Around 90% of our business is issuing humanitarian tickets for individual / group, church, adoption and missionary travel. This means we know a thing or two, and we fully understand the qualifying criteria set down by the airlines. You can expect lower than traditional airline pricing through us. Moreover, the ticket conditions are more relaxed than commercial air travel rules.

Routing to Lilongwe, Malawi
The best fare and routing is on South African Airways through Johannesburg. New York (JFK) and Washington (IAD) offer non-stop flights to Johannesburg too. If you need to connect from another US cities, add-on flights are available from United, American, US Airways, and Jet Blue Airlines.

Research before Booking Lilongwe Cheap Flights
Before booking, please consider any possible impediment to travel:

  • Is your passport in order?
  • Do you have the necessary visa/s?
  • Travel advisories from your government
  • Do you meet the health requirements applying at your destination?

Finally, be a good ambassador for your country, by researching and observing the customs and protocols of your host country.

Bon Voyage!
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