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Traveling with or on behalf of a church organization? Looking for the lowest airfare? Welcome to

Arrange International Flights

we’ve been specializing in international church flights since 1988 - in fact, that’s 90% of our business. We can help you arrange your flights to destinations around the world, offering special rates only available to those traveling for religious and humanitarian reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot offer a live airfare booking engine view because of qualification requirements in our airline contracts.
Therefore, we must find out what church or non-profit organization you are traveling on behalf of before quoting any fares.

We Help the Church Community

Our experience with the non-profit community is unprecedented; last year, 1201 organizations bought tickets from us! Why? Our airfare is cheaper than other websites, and unlike Expedia and Travelocity, our tickets aren’t instant purchase or non-refundable. You can book your ticket TODAY, raise money and pay close to departure on some fares!

How? Our church airfare contracts allow us to offer the lowest fares to most regions of the world such as Latin America and Africa. Along with low fares, we can offer very flexible rules (unlike regular published airfares) and expertise (unlike any other travel company).

Advantages of Church Airfare:

  • Low rates for as few as 1 person or as many as 100 on a given flight (groups and individuals)
  • Hold the reservation for longer periods of time, sometimes right before departure, so that you can raise money for your trip (if needed)
  • Up to 3 bags for free on some carriers
  • The opportunity to shorten or extend your trip for a small fee
  • Can be booked one-way or round-trip, even originate your travel outside the USA

Why choose EconomyTravel:

  • We have been since 1988, and non-profit/missionary/church tickets is all we do (groups and individuals)
  • Agents average 13 years of experience in international airfare booking
  • We know Africa, as we sell it, and talk about it, all day long
  • We also sell Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia
  • We understand what you want because this is all we do

Let Us Help You Save Money

Booking your mission trip for less is easy! We help you, so that you can help others - do good without spending a fortune.

Contact Us and Save

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Find out how much you can save TODAY! Call
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